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Thermal Spray + Precision Grinding + Welding + Corrosion Control + Surface Engineering

Services & Operations

Arc Spray (Pty) Ltd specializes in any type of equipment in need of restoration of dimension, refurbishing, tribology, corrosion control, enhancing/increasing life expectancy by offering wear or abrasive resistant coatings. As Arc Spray (Pty) Ltd is a service company, components are mostly supplied by our customers and subsequently processed to comply with one or a combination of the following requisites:

Thermal Spray/surface Engineering

Thermal spray coatings to combat industry specific wear, abrasion and/or corrosion resistant application.


Restoration and clading of desired coatings to provide protection.


Reclamation, abrasion and corrosion for specific applications.


Manufacturing of new components destined for subsequent wear and abrasion resistant coating.

PreCision Grinding

External, Internal, Surface and diamond grinding of components.

Our Professionals

Managing Director

Jan Steenekamp

Office/ADmin Manager

Leonie Steenekamp

Operations Manager

Dane Steenekamp

016 362 000 5/6

Sales & Marketing

Corne Smit

Sales & Marketing

Wayde Steenekamp



Our Mission

It is our mission to supply thermal spray products and services at competitive prices and lead times to meet Southern African industrys needs, to continuously improve quality and performance through technological advancement and process development, in support of business fundamentals based on honesty and integrity to ensure profitability and sustainable growth to the benefit of all stakeholders involved from a commercial, employment, environmental, social and political perspective.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the leader in providing total solutions to industrys wear and corrosion control needs in Southern Africa through thermal spray technology and related processes.


physical address

1-5 Victor van Eck Avenue

Sybrand van Niekerk Park


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